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We all know there is nothing worse than being labelled a sex offender. If you are charged with a Sexual Assault and need a sexual assault attorney in Austin, call Erskine Law immediately at 512-359-3030.

Sexual Assault allegations are falsely made every day by spouses, loved ones, children, and even strangers. You need an experienced sexual assault attorney in Austin to represent you if you’ve been accused. Brian Erskine has a significant history successfully litigating sexual assault cases spanning family members, spouses, children and strangers. When you or a loved one is charged with this type of heinous crime, you NEED a sexual assault attorney in Austin who is experienced and will fight for your rights! Erskine Law has the experience and is here for you!

In many cases scorned lovers, misunderstanding, bad family history, innuendos, mental health and confused children can lead to an arrest for sexual assault. The punishment for these crimes is severe, and, without the right sexual assault attorney in Austin, you could end up in prison for the rest of your life.

The majority of sexual assault cases are reported without any accompanying physical or DNA evidence and most prosecutions are based solely on one witness’s “he said/she said” accusation of sexual assault. And still, many wrongly accused people are convicted based solely on the statement of one person. This is why you need a tough, experienced sexual assault attorney in Austin.

Aggravated Felonies

A prosecutor, instead of seeking justice, can seek to put you in prison for a long time simply by “getting creative.” For instance, if you forget to pay for a piece of candy from Walmart and brush up against the store greeter as you are leaving, you may be looking at 2nd degree Robbery (up to 20 years in prison), not just Class C theft (maximum of $500 fine and NO jail time), because of the supposed “assault” on the Walmart greeter.

Unfortunately, many prosecutors over-charge offenses every day. They do this because they want to scare defendants into pleading guilty instead of taking their case to trial because they know defendants will fear the potential huge range of punishment, such as 20 years in prison instead of the more appropriate Class C misdemeanor maximum fine of $500.

In situations where you are charged with a serious felony, you need to call a sexual assault attorney in Austin who knows how to defend you. As a former prosecutor, I know the games prosecutors play with over-charging and I can help you navigate the system to find the most appropriate solution to your case.

Sometimes, prosecutors can be exceptionally stubborn, or maybe their bosses are telling them to make bad offers so that it will force defendants to trial. In these cases, you need a sexual assault attorney in Austin who isn’t afraid to stand up for you and take cases to trial. 

sexual assault attorney in Austin

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