According to a recent report, felony charges against Texas state Representative Dawnna Dukes are being placed on hold by Travis County prosecutors. This is reportedly being done while they continue to investigate information in relation to travel vouchers that pertain to a total of 13 felony counts she currently faces.

Earlier this year, Dukes was indicted on charges of tampering with official government records by making false entries on travel vouchers in order to obtain reimbursements that she was not entitled to. Margaret Moore, Travis County’s District Attorney, recently stated that prosecutors have obtained new and unexpected information regarding the vouchers themselves that is pertinent to the case. Moore further stated that this information has created a need for further investigation by her office, as well as the Texas Rangers.

Prosecutors offered to drop all charges against Dukes earlier this summer if she agreed to resign from her position, went through a drug and alcohol assessment, and paid a total of $3,500 in fines. When Dukes didn’t meet the deadline for this offer, it was dropped, and the trial was expected to begin on October 16th.

An attorney representing Dukes has since stated that Dukes is pleased that the state will no longer pursue these felony charges any further and that they will continue to vigorously work to prove that she is innocent on all remaining misdemeanor charges, which include two charges of abuse of official capacity in relation to accusations of using using her legislative staff for both non-state and personal work.

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