The state of Texas takes a firm stance when it comes to repeat offenders. The best way for individuals facing a repeat offender designation to defend themselves is to be found not guilty of the charges against them; by avoiding the conviction, he or she will avoid the designation. Making sure you have a professional, qualified attorney to build a strong defense is key. Read on to learn more about how to fight a repeat offender designation.



There are several approaches an attorney can take to build a case for clients facing repeat offender status. Filing a suppression motion that calls for the exclusion of unconstitutionally gathered evidence is one thing an attorney can do. If there is insufficient evidence to convict, the accused will avoid the designation altogether.


Another defense is presenting reasonable doubt to the jury in the case. This can be accomplished by the defendant’s attorney if inconsistencies in the prosecutor’s case are highlighted and the testimony or credibility of witnesses is challenged successfully.


Of course, it is crucial for the criminal defense attorney to call credible witnesses to testify on behalf of the accused, as well as to provide provable facts and physical evidence. As the attorney builds the case, these things come together to help prove that the charges are inaccurate or patently false.



These defense strategies can reduce the likelihood that the accused is convicted and designated a repeat offender. If the case results in a conviction anyways, it is still possible to avoid the harshest punishment based on the defense. Because Texas judges have a great deal of discretion when it comes to sentencing, an experienced criminal defense attorney’s case can turn the tide so the judge sentences the defendant to a lesser penalty based on the unique circumstances of the case to argue.


Facing criminal charges is never easy. It is stressful and confusing. So, hiring a reputable criminal defense attorney is the first step to take to protect yourself and your rights. An excellent attorney will work closely with you to develop an effective legal defense to protect your interests and future.


If you or a loved one needs help to defend against a repeat offender designation in Texas, having an experienced, professional criminal defense attorney on your side is essential. When it comes to fighting criminal charges, securing the services of an attorney who is responsive and reassuring is important. The trusted, competent legal counsel at Erskine Law can represent you or a loved one in your criminal case in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area. With a solid defense built by a skilled attorney like Brian Erskine, you could avoid a conviction and a designation on your record as a repeat offender. Mr. Erskine has years of experience successfully defending clients in court against a wide variety of charges. Contact Erskine Law at any time to discuss how to move forward toward the best possible outcome in your case.