Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious criminal charge. Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs risks your life and the lives of others. But even if no one gets hurt, being caught and convicted of driving while intoxicated results in severe consequences. The State of Texas has some of the harshest DWI penalties in America.



Under Texas DWI laws, a driver can be stopped when suspected of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) to the point of intoxication. An arrest can be made for DWI in such cases if the detained individual does not have the normal use of mental and/or physical faculties due to the consumption of alcohol or other substance, or has a 0.08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or higher (which is the legal alcohol limit in Texas and across the United States).



Offenders charged and convicted of DWI in Texas face punishments that could include hefty fines, suspension of driving privileges, ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicles, and more. Mandatory jail time for DWI in Austin or anywhere else in the state is also a possible punishment for a convicted driver. Of course, the legal consequences for a Texas DWI conviction depend upon the level of crime and specifics of each case.



It is possible to get a DWI dismissed entirely in Texas, especially as a first-time offender, but in other cases as well. To beat a DWI charge, you need to work with your attorney to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution in an effort to get it suppressed. It involves challenging the reason for the stop, questioning the results of the standardized field sobriety tests, scrutinizing whether rules and protocols were followed during the stop and arrest, etc.



Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Texas is a serious offense and can result in serious legal ramifications as well as other lifetime consequences. Having a lawyer with success dealing with such cases is essential when it comes to fighting Texas and DWI charges because it can be complicated. If you have been arrested and charged with a DWI in Austin, you need to protect your rights with the help of an experienced Texas DWI criminal defense attorney; it is vital to have a competent attorney defending you.

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