Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious crime in the United States, with serious penalties. DWI charges in Austin, Texas can lead to a conviction which results in criminal penalties that range in severity. The State of Texas will harshly punish people who risk their lives and the lives of others by operating a motor vehicle on Texas roadways while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; the State has some of the most severe penalties in the nation when it comes to DWI offenses. 



Under Texas DWI laws, a driver charged and convicted of DWI in Texas will face harsh punishment. For a first-time offender, a DWI conviction can result in penalties that include a fine of up to $2,000, jail time of up to 180 days upon conviction with three mandatory days, and the loss of his or her driver’s license for up to a year. Note that while even first-time offenders with no criminal history face incarceration, this penalty depends on the specific circumstances of each case–sometimes jail time is replaced for a DWI first offense in Austin by probation. (For more information regarding driving safety and laws in Texas, including the penalties for a second DWI conviction or greater, visit the Texas Department of Transportation’s website.)



In certain cases in Texas, offenders can have their criminal record cleared permanently through the process of expunction; it allows for the removal of entries from an offender’s recorded criminal history. If a person is found guilty and convicted of a DWI in the Lonestar State, the crime will remain on his or her record forever because a Texas DWI conviction is permanent. That said, a DWI arrest and charge that did not result in a conviction can be completely cleared if your case meets certain conditions–a DWI charge can be expunged if you are facing a DWI charge that meets eligibility. In some specific circumstances, your attorney will be able to establish eligibility, including if you are a first-time DWI offender whose case is deferred.



If you or a loved one has been charged with a DWI in Texas, your first step should be to hire an experienced DWI attorney to help you fight it. Your skilled attorney can make moves to get your DWI case dismissed or at least reduced to a lesser charge. He will be able to scrutinize the prosecution’s case against you to find discrepancies in the evidence that can be challenged in court.

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