Domestic violence cases in Texas require a thorough understanding of the legal landscape and careful preparation to ensure a fair trial for all parties involved. It is crucial for a Texas attorney to ask the right questions during a domestic violence trial. Understanding these laws is essential for attorneys to operate effectively and present a strong and compelling case on behalf of their clients because Texas domestic violence laws play such a crucial role in shaping the trial questions asked. Here is a brief sampling of essential trial questions that lawyers often ask as they work with clients facing domestic violence charges.


  1. Questions That Establish Relationship:
  • How are you related to the victim (e.g., blood relative, married or dating, household member, etc.)?
  • How would you characterize your relationship with the victim?


  1. Questions That Establish the Nature of the Incident:
  • Can you describe the events leading up to the alleged incident in detail, including if there were any witnesses present during the incident?
  • Were any law enforcement officers called to the scene; and if so, what was their response/what action(s) did they take?


  1. Questions Assessing Injuries and Evidence:
  • Did the victim sustain any physical injuries as a result of the incident; and are there any photographs, medical reports, or other evidence documenting those injuries?
  • Were there any weapons involved in the incident?


  1. Questions Challenging Credibility:
  • Are you aware of any motives the victim might have for making false or exaggerated allegations against you?
  • Can you provide evidence to support claims that the victim’s accusations are false or exaggerated?


  1. Questions Addressing Prior Incidents:
  • Have there been any previous incidents of domestic violence between you and the victim; and, if so, are there any police reports or restraining orders related to those incidents?
  • Did you and/or the victim seek medical attention or counseling following prior incidents?


  1. Questions Evaluating the Impact on Children:
  • Are there any children involved in this case in any way?
  • How has the alleged incident affected the children?

The above questions are only a select few that an attorney will ask while building a case for clients charged with domestic violence. Navigating a domestic violence trial requires strategic questioning to build a solid case. By asking the right questions during a Texas domestic violence trial, an attorney can present a compelling argument that reflects the truth and ensures fairness in the legal process. 



If you are facing domestic violence charges in Texas and are wondering how to beat them, it is important that you secure the services of a reputable and experienced attorney who understands the ins and outs of Texas domestic violence laws. If you need a skilled and experienced domestic violence attorney in Austin, Texas, or the surrounding area, reach out to board-certified criminal defense attorney Brain Erskine of Erskine Law. Mr. Erskine knows the law and can build a solid case to protect your rights and fight back. Contact Erskine Law today for a free consultation.


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