Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a major offense. When it comes to a 3rd offense DWI in the state of Texas, the consequences are severe. If you are arrested and charged with a DWI in Texas, it is essential to understand your options and how to navigate the legal system to mitigate the negative impact on your life as much as possible.


Understanding a 3rd DWI Offense in Texas

In Texas, the penalties for DWI increase substantially with each subsequent offense. A 3rd DWI offense is considered a third-degree felony, and the consequences are significant. If convicted of a DWI offense, you can expect the felony conviction to have a long-lasting impact on your life, affecting employment opportunities, housing, child custody, and more.


How to Avoid Jail Time for a 3rd DWI in Texas

While the consequences of a 3rd DWI in Texas are severe, there are strategies to help you potentially avoid jail time or reduce your sentence. Hiring an experienced DWI attorney should be your first step; that is the most crucial step in your defense. Your attorney can assess your case, examining the details to identify potential weaknesses and build a solid defense strategy tailored specifically to your situation. He may be able to challenge the validity of the evidence against you, such as the accuracy of the field sobriety tests or the breath test results. Further, your attorney may negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor to reduce your charges or sentence, so you end up with probation, community service, or other alternatives to jail time.


What Happens if You Get 3 DWIs in Texas

Receiving three DWIs in the state of Texas is a serious situation with significant legal consequences because a third or greater DWI offense is a third-degree felony. And if you receive a third Texas DWI within ten years, the penalties will increase even more. Penalties for a repeat offender may include the following:

  • A fine of up to $10,000
  • Prison time of two to 10 years
  • Driver’s license suspension of up to two years
  • Ignition interlock device installation in vehicle
  • Completion of a DWI Intervention Program

Driving while intoxicated is a crime that has major legal consequences across the US. If you or a loved one is facing a 3rd DWI charge in Texas, you should seek professional legal counsel immediately from a reputable criminal defense attorney. In the Austin, TX area, reach out to Brian Erskine of Erskine Law. Mr. Erskine is a board-certified Austin DWI lawyer with years of experience and success handling DWI cases. He can answer your questions and discuss how to achieve the best outcome in your DWI case. With the right legal representation and a commitment to staying sober, it is possible to minimize the extent how which DWI charges impact your life. Avoiding jail time for a 3rd DWI in Texas is challenging but not impossible. Contact Erskine Law today to schedule a free consultation with Law Maverick Brian Erskine.