Labor Day fell on Monday, September 4th this year, the end of a three-day weekend that arrives every year and signals the “unofficial end of summer” for Americans. The Austin Police Department conducted a 2023 Labor Day DWI Enforcement Initiative on roadways and waterways from August 18th through the holiday weekend.


The Labor Day DWI Enforcement Initiative is an effort to enforce DWI laws that keep citizens and visitors to Austin safe as they travel and explore the city and surrounding areas. One of the many things enforced over the long weekend was City Ordinance 8-5-81 WATERCRAFT AND OTHER MOTORIZED CRAFT ON LAKE AUSTIN, which prohibits the use and operation of various watercraft and other similar vehicles on Lake Austin. (The use of non-motorized crafts was not banned.) On the busy roads, the Texas Highway Patrol was out in force, in Austin and across the state; they issued citations and warnings to drivers in the capital city alongside officers from the Austin Police Department. The 2023 Labor Day DWI Enforcement Initiative results include that a total of 124 DWI arrests were made by patrol officers of the Austin Police Department during the safety effort.


A statement from the Austin Police Department notes the focus on safety: “The Austin Police Department, Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), and the City of Austin Transportation and Public Works Department are continuously focused on preventing lives from being lost on the streets, highways and waterways of Austin.” All are dedicated to keeping roadways and waterways safe in Austin, through both education and enforcement.



Under Texas DWI laws, a driver can be stopped when suspected of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol (or drugs). An arrest can be made if the detained individual does not have the normal use of mental and/or physical faculties and is a danger to him- or herself or others.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), is a serious criminal offense that results in criminal charges. In the State of Texas, the severity of those charges can vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case. Most DWI cases in Texas are classified as misdemeanors, but there are some cases in which a DWI can be charged as a felony in the Lone Star State. If you have been charged with a DWI, you should seek professional legal counsel from a reputable criminal defense attorney.

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