Facing DWI charges in Texas can be incredibly worrisome, but there is a glimmer of hope for some individuals seeking a second chance: Travis County Diversion Programs. These programs can benefit people charged with felony DWI offenses. Do you want to know more about options available through pretrial diversion in Travis County, Texas? This is a good place to start.


What is Pretrial Diversion?

Pretrial diversion programs function as an alternative to traditional criminal prosecution for offenders in Texas who meet eligibility requirements to participate. They are specifically applicable to individuals charged with non-violent offenses, such as driving while intoxicated (DWI) and certain other felonies. The main goal of pretrial diversion is for individuals to participate in a rehabilitative program that reduces the chance that they will re-offend in the future.


DWI Pretrial Diversion in Travis County

One of the most common offenses eligible for pretrial diversion in Texas is DWI. DWI charges can have serious court-levied punishments including fines, license suspension, and even time behind bars. However, for some individuals, their county diversion programs offer some hope. In Travis County, Texas, some offenders will have an opportunity to participate in the Travis County Diversion Program to avoid those other penalties.


Under this program, Texans charged with DWI may be able to avoid a conviction on their criminal record if they complete specific required components. These components might include taking alcohol education classes, getting counseling, participating in community service, and going to regular check-ins with a probation officer. Successfully completing the program requirements can result in the dismissal of DWI charges, providing a second chance to individuals who made mistakes but are committed to making better choices in the future.


Benefits of Pretrial Diversion in Texas

Certain non-violent felony offenses including some felony DWIs may also be eligible for pretrial diversion in Travis County, Texas. The specific eligibility criteria for felony pretrial diversion can vary because it depends on a range of factors (e.g., the nature of the offense, the defendant’s criminal history, the defendant’s willingness to participate in rehabilitation and/or community service programs, etc.). If they meet the criteria and are accepted into the program, offenders can work towards dismissal of their felony charges, which could mean not having the crime noted in their permanent criminal records and avoiding any associated legal consequences.



There are many benefits of the Travis County Diversion Program. Participating in the program offers several advantages, including a chance for individuals to avoid the lifelong consequences of a criminal record and the stigma associated with it, as noted, but also rehabilitation. The program often includes rehabilitative counseling and education to help offenders address the root causes of their behavior. Further, the Travis County Diversion Program promotes involvement and connection within the community, fostering personal growth and accountability. The Travis County Diversion Program offers a second chance to individuals seeking to start their lives with a clean slate and avoid the severe consequences of criminal convictions.

If you or a loved one are facing DWI or felony charges in Travis County, don’t hesitate to consult with a skilled Texas attorney who can help determine if you are eligible for pretrial diversion, and guide you through the process of applying. In Austin, Brian Erskine of Erskine Law is the attorney to call. Mr. Erskine knows the law and has years of experience and success handling DWI cases. Contact Erskine Law today for a free consultation.