Possession Of Fentanyl Texas. Fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine, has become a growing concern in Texas. With its high potency and potential for addiction and overdose, the presence of fentanyl in the state has led to an increase in charges related to the drug.


Possession of Fentanyl Texas Statute


In Texas, possession of fentanyl is considered a serious offense. According to the state statute, Texas Health and Safety Code § 481.115, possession of less than one gram of fentanyl is classified as a state jail felony. This means that individuals found in possession of even small amounts of fentanyl could face significant legal consequences.


Fentanyl Possession Charge


In addition to possession charges, individuals in Texas could also face charges related to the distribution and trafficking of fentanyl. The penalties for these charges can be even more severe, with potential prison sentences and hefty fines.


Law enforcement in Texas has been cracking down on fentanyl-related crimes, with a particular focus on preventing overdoses and deaths associated with the drug. The Texas Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement agencies have been working together to identify and prosecute individuals involved in the distribution and trafficking of fentanyl.


It is crucial for individuals in Texas to be aware of the legal consequences of possessing fentanyl and to seek help if they or someone they know is struggling with addiction to the drug. Seeking treatment and support is essential in order to prevent the devastating consequences that can result from fentanyl use.


Overall, the presence of fentanyl in Texas has led to an increase in charges related to the drug, with law enforcement working diligently to address the issue. By understanding the state statute for fentanyl possession and the potential legal consequences, individuals can make informed decisions and work towards preventing further harm caused by this dangerous drug.